Rutland National School

Lower Gloucester Place, Dublin 1

Green Schools

At a recent Green Schools meeting we chose our two Litter Monitors for the month!

These children will go around the school every Friday afternoon picking up any litter they see around the school – hopefully not very much!

They will make sure to put the litter into the correct bags and have already learned about what goes into the recycling bag and what goes into the general waste bag.

A big thanks to them both!


Making parachutes

IMAG0321 IMAG0322 IMAG0326 IMAG0328 IMAG0331 IMAG0333 IMAG2561

Ms Harte Hayes did some amazing science lessons with us. We learned all about forces and how they affect us. We saw how astronauts use parachutes to land safely on earth.

Then we worked in teams to create the best parachute for a toy teddy using various materials.
We tested our creations by standing on the table and letting them float to the ground. The best parachute floated the slowest to the ground so out teddies had a soft landing.

Baking Skills!!

A group of 4th and 5th class children showing off their baking skills this week.  They made yummy red velvet cupcakes!  Lovely teamwork!184186 187


Well done to our Boxing Champ who received a silver medal in the 2018 Dublin Championships this week!

Boxing Champ


Busy at Boxing!

Sixth Class had a great time boxing yesterday, we didn’t stop moving for the full 40 minutes! Watch out Mayweather!!

IMG_1221 IMG_1219 IMG_1217 IMG_1216

Teddy Bear Hospital

Children between the ages of 5 and 10 can register to bring their teddies to the Teddy Bear hospital set up in Trinity College on March 10th

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