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Fun in the Garden!

We are so lucky to have a lovely rooftop garden in our school. Here are some children enjoying it in the sunshine.


Dogs Trust

A representative from Dogs Trust visited the school last week and spoke to the children about how to properly care for and look after dogs. The children really enjoyed this and got to meet a King Charles dog named Lucy. Here are some photos of the Junior Infants on the day.

IMG_0570IMG_0579IMG_0581IMG_0605IMG_0612IMG_0601IMG_0621 (1)IMG_0623

Dancing Champion!

This girl is a super talented dancer and won a trophy at a competition over the weekend, wow! Well done and keep it up!

IMG_0546 (1)

Junior Infant Writing!

Junior infants are working really hard in their literacy lift writing group. Here they are at work.



Green Schools

At a recent Green Schools meeting we chose our two Litter Monitors for the month!

These children will go around the school every Friday afternoon picking up any litter they see around the school – hopefully not very much!

They will make sure to put the litter into the correct bags and have already learned about what goes into the recycling bag and what goes into the general waste bag.

A big thanks to them both!


Green Schools Committee

The Green Schools Committee met last Friday to discuss ways we could save water as a school. They watched a slideshow presentation before discussing it and brainstorming new ideas.

At our next meeting they will design posters to display around the school so that we can raise awareness about this important issue.


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