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Garden update!

Our daffodils are starting to appear!

The boys from 4th were worried that the daffodils would not survive the cold weather. They were delighted to see their daffodils growing strong!

Stay tuned for the bloom!

20190206_132040 20190206_132049 20190206_132112 20190206_132114

Gardening with Ms Crosse

The boys in 4th class made a trip to the garden shop and bought lots of new garden bulbs and gardening equipment! They planted daffodil bulbs, onions and garlic bulbs. Since October they have been monitoring the pot plants and watering them every few day.

20181105_133329 20181105_141125

Ice Cream Party!

Senior Infants won the yard line up competition for term 1. They got an ice cream party as their reward! Well done!

IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0946 IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0949 IMG_0952

The Pet Groomers

Senior Infants have been having great fun learning all about the pet groomers!

IMG_0384 IMG_0385 IMG_0387 IMG_0391 IMG_0411 IMG_0413 IMG_0415 IMG_0417 IMG_0418 IMG_0420 IMG_0422 IMG_0424 IMG_0429IMG_0425

Maths in Senior Infants

Senior Infants love maths! They do great work in their maths groups every day and last Friday some of the parents came in to do some activities based around pattern and sequence! Here are some pictures!

IMG_0354 IMG_0335 IMG_0336 IMG_0338 IMG_0341 IMG_0313  IMG_0316 IMG_0318IMG_0334IMG_0326

Happy Halloween from Senior Infants!


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