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Choir Treat

Ms. Crosse organised hot chocolate and popcorn as a thank you for the sixth class members of the choir. Their lovely singing voices will be missed next year!

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Art Exhibition

The children in Rutland N.S are so incredibly talented. Here is just a small selection of what is on show in our annual art exhibition. Every child in the school has a beautiful piece of art displayed and they should all  be very proud!

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Junior and Senior Infant Tour

The Junior and Senior Infants went to Puddenhill Farm and Play Centre for their school tour. They had so much fun!



Aistear in Senior Infants

Senior Infants are so creative with the blocks. This week they made a shop and were selling pizzas. They also built a fantastic house.


An Astronaut in Senior Infants!

This boy has been learning all about space and the solar system with Ms. McFadden. He made this amazing project and showed it off to his class. Everyone was so impressed! He knows the names of all the planets and lots of other interesting space facts. He will make a super astronaut one day!





Garden update!

Our daffodils are starting to appear!

The boys from 4th were worried that the daffodils would not survive the cold weather. They were delighted to see their daffodils growing strong!

Stay tuned for the bloom!

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