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Our trip with the Parents to Botanics ‘Sculpture in context’


Every September the Botanical gardens become an enchanting place with sculptural treasures . This year second class and their parents went on the bus to the Botanic gardens. We used out maps to find all the sculptures


We found some very interesting art works. We also looked at the trees and learnt all about Autumn and all the changes to the trees.


We explored different sculptures and spoke about all the different features.

We loved that the parents joined us and that the sun shone all morning!



Seachtain na Gaeilge

Bhi craic agus spraoi againn ar scoil le na thuismitheoiri !20190314_09184720190314_09233120190314_091458

20190314_085925 20190314_090043 20190314_090053 20190314_090834 20190314_090849 20190314_090900 20190314_091633 20190314_092106

Bhiomar ag imirt cluichi agus foghlama!

Bhiomar ag seinm charades agus biongo

Go buíochas a ghabháil lenár dtuismitheoirí as a bheith linn !


International Women’s Day

What an incredible event Miss Baileys Class held today for International Womens Day. All the children researched and wrote about different famous women in history. The children also created dinner plates and re created the famous ‘Dinner Party installation art work by feminist artist Judy Chicago. The parents were invited to attend and the children spoke and answered questions about their famous  women. What a celebration!

20190308_131414 20190308_131417 20190308_131433 20190308_131818 20190308_131819 20190308_133929 20190308_133932 20190308_142016 20190308_142016

Maths for fun with Junior Infants and Senior Infant parents

We have been learning all about Pattern and sequences . In senior infants we have been bringing home games from the Maths Games lending library and playing them with our Maths Buddy! In junior Infants we have been doing maths for fun with our parents over the past few weeks. We have had great fun and the parents have been amazing …thank you for all your encouragement & support!


1st & 4th class pupils & Parents Trip to Sculpture in Context at Botanical Gardens

20180928_110245This September we had so much fun on our treasure hunt around the Botanic Gardens searching for the amazing sculptures with our Parents. The sun shone as we explored the Botanical gardens looking for sculptures and signs of Autumn20180928_105920


We discovered some unusual works of art some we could touch and some that were too delicate to touch

20180928_102424 20180928_11115520180928_11530120180928_114209 (2)20180928_10592720180928_11052720180928_110035

Our Trip to the Botanics ‘Sculpture in Context’

Last year Miss baileys class and their parents went on a trip to the Botanical gardens.We saw some amazing and inspiring works of art! We went again this year and photos are on their way

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