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Dancing Queens!

A huge congratulations to lots of the girls from Rutland NS who were competing in Donegal last weekend.  The school came home with over 15 trophies and plenty of smiles!

Keep up the fab work girls.  We are very proud.Leah

4th Class Volcanoes

IMG_1767 IMG_1768 IMG_1766 IMG_1765 IMG_1764 IMG_1763 IMG_17604th Class were learning about igneous rocks so decided to have a look at how igneous rocks are formed!

First we made our own mountain using flour, water and salt. Then we made our mountains turn into volcanoes by creating an explosion!

We used baking soda, washing liquid and vinegar to create our eruption.

We watched the lava explode down the volcano and this lava will harden to form igneous rocks. It was great fun.

3rd Class Trip to Waterways Ireland

3rd Class on tour Bolands Mills Godfrey Learning about locks Learning all about Waterways Temuulen at the Lock Waterways Ireland Tour3rd Class went on a great trip to Waterways Ireland.

We learnt about fishes, the barges, bridges and canals.

Godfrey was our guide and he was great.

We also learnt about the locks which open and close to let the boats through them.

5 people in our class said they would like to live in a barge. Teacher thinks it might be nice in summer but not in winter!

We got great highlighters as well. Thank you to Godfrey for our tour.

Yay Dublin!! Up the Dubs!

Well done Dublin!  Dublin won the All Ireland football final on Sunday.  We made Dublin flags in school to support the team.  It must have brought them good luck!CIMG1757 CIMG1753 CIMG1754 CIMG1756

The New Third Class

Hi from Room 8

We are the new third class and we rule the school! (just joking!)

We like football, chocolate, lollipops, dancing, ice cream, pancakes, art, science, maths and lots more.

We are excited about being in third class but we miss Mr Cherry!

We have two teachers this year, Ms O’Herlihy and Ms Quinn.

We are looking forward to going to senior yard, lots of trips and dancing!

Keep checking the website to see what we are up to.

Bye for now.

Dora, Alicia, Brooke, Fegor, Sienna, Frankie, Sabrina, Lexi, Alisha, Abbie, Jadine, Brooklyn, Richard, Alper, Warren, Alex, Anand

The new 3rd Class

The new 3rd Class


A busy 1st Term for 3rd Class!

We have had such a busy and exciting first term!

Here’s a few different things we have done:

  1. Trip to the Botanic Gardens
  2. Science week in the Ilac Library
  3. Meeting Alan Nolan, the author, in the Ilac Library
  4. A trip to the bowling alley
  5. A trip to  the Central Bank where we met the boss of all the banks in Ireland!
  6. A magic maths man did some tricks with us
  7. Junior Achievement came to our class for a few weeks
  8. Science for Fun with our parents
  9. We made our very own lava lamps
  10. Best of all – we got €50, 000 each!!!

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Season and we look forward to seeing lots of people at our Christmas Mass on Monday.CIMG1711

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