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VIPs at the Department of Education

Today was a very exciting day in Rutland National School.

4 of our pupils were asked to visit the Department of Education for a photoshoot.

They got to meet with the Minister for Education, Norma Foley and even got to sit at her desk!!

Keep an eye out in the newspapers next week and see if you can spot any photos of them.

1st Class

We were delighted to welcome all the children back to school after the Christmas break. The boys and girls in First Class have been working very hard since they have come back. They have been learning about the Irish Myth The Children of Lir. They have also been busy in art constricting various different types of home using materials. image_50441473image_50424321image_50432257


Ho Ho Ho! Look who came to visit!

We had a very special visitor today in school! Santa heard the boys and girls were being so good and wanted to come and say hello!IMG_2504 IMG_2502 IMG_2497 IMG_2524 IMG_2528 IMG_2533 IMG_2517 IMG_2509 Santa comes to town

2nd Class visit the church

Did you know December 8th is a Holy Day?

2nd Class went to visit Fr Michael in the church to talk about today.

Great preparation for their First Holy Communion later in the year.

Dec 8 Church

Dancing Queens!

A huge congratulations to lots of the girls from Rutland NS who were competing in Donegal last weekend.  The school came home with over 15 trophies and plenty of smiles!

Keep up the fab work girls.  We are very proud.Leah

4th Class Volcanoes

IMG_1767 IMG_1768 IMG_1766 IMG_1765 IMG_1764 IMG_1763 IMG_17604th Class were learning about igneous rocks so decided to have a look at how igneous rocks are formed!

First we made our own mountain using flour, water and salt. Then we made our mountains turn into volcanoes by creating an explosion!

We used baking soda, washing liquid and vinegar to create our eruption.

We watched the lava explode down the volcano and this lava will harden to form igneous rocks. It was great fun.

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