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Food Appeal

The pupils and staff at Rutland N.S. are so looking forward to Christmas. But we are also aware that it can be a very¬†difficult time¬†for some people. For that reason we are supporting St Vincent de Paul’s great work and organising a Food Appeal.
Families can send in any non-perishable foods between now and Thursday 20th and we will collect them all and deliver them to SVDP.
Thank you very much for any support you can offer.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day

Here in Rutland NS we have been learning Lamh signs, so we love this video signed by mothers and their children who have Down syndrome

Making parachutes

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Ms Harte Hayes did some amazing science lessons with us. We learned all about forces and how they affect us. We saw how astronauts use parachutes to land safely on earth.

Then we worked in teams to create the best parachute for a toy teddy using various materials.
We tested our creations by standing on the table and letting them float to the ground. The best parachute floated the slowest to the ground so out teddies had a soft landing.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Children between the ages of 5 and 10 can register to bring their teddies to the Teddy Bear hospital set up in Trinity College on March 10th

Up the Dubs

All the pupils in Rutland NS wore blue to support our Dublin team!

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On Friday morning we went on a trip to Dublinia. We all paid 5 Euro and we got a bus there.
On our way, we saw Christchurch Cathedral.
Our tour guide, Ian, met us dressed as a Viking.
We saw models of Vikings, one was a woman praying to their Gods. We went on a Viking boat and saw their chests. We went into a Viking house and saw their beds and fire. There were animals hanging in the house.
Then we went to the Medieval Times. There was a Black death and if you were bitten by a flea with it, you would die that day. If you got bitten by a rat with it you would die in 3 days. one third of the people in Dublin died of Black death. Children started work at the age of 7 or got married between the ages of 9 and 12. We learned about the barber surgeon and how he cured illnesses.
The most disgusting part, was that people would use a potty to go to the toilet in and then throw it out the window!
It was really interesting and we learned lots. We would recommend everyone to visit it.

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