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Author: Megan Wynne

Working Hard in 4th Class!

The boys and girls in 4th Class have been working extremely hard the last few weeks and are looking forward to the last term in school before our Summer holidays.

We have been learning lots about the Egyptians. We completed projects about different aspects of Egyptian life and worked on our presentation skills by teaching our class about what we learnt. We also created a fresco of our class as Pharaohs.

Check out some of the other fabulous art work that we’ve done!

Viking Projects

4th Class have been working really hard since returning after the Halloween midterm. We have learnt lots about Vikings and completed projects about Viking life in our pods. We even learnt how to write our names using the Viking alphabet.Have a look and see if you can recognize any of the fierce Vikings in their longships getting ready to invade Ireland!

We have also been learning about Norway and about the Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as the Northern Lights). Check out our amazing art work below!

3rd Class Blog

**Attention 3rd Class**

I hope that everyone is keeping well! I’ve attached a link for the 3rd class blog, where I will be putting up work for you over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about the work assigned, please contact me using the email on the blog. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

3rd Class Blog (Click Here)

Mad Scientists!

To celebrate Science Week, third class have been learning about liquids and density. Today we made lava lamps using oil,water, food coloring and fizzy tablets. We really enjoyed conducting the experiment. See our amazing results below!

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