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1st Class

We were delighted to welcome all the children back to school after the Christmas break. The boys and girls in First Class have been working very hard since they have come back. They have been learning about the Irish Myth The Children of Lir. They have also been busy in art constricting various different types of home using materials. image_50441473image_50424321image_50432257

1st class Late Late Toy Show

1st class are so excited for Christmas. They made elves and polar bears and even recorded their very own version of The Late Late Toy Show that you can watch here or by clicking the link below.

Ms Teehan, Louise and all the boys and girls in 1st class wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

Junior Cooking

This week’s junior pupils of the week and most improved children made salted caramel chocolate brownies! Yummy! Well done to them all and keep up the great work!

IMG_0639IMG_0638IMG_0643IMG_0636IMG_0634IMG_0632 (1)

Junior Pupils of the Week and Most Improved!


Baking Fun!

The junior pupils of the week and most improved children had great fun making chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Well done to them all!


Most improved 1st Class



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