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Junior Cooking

This week’s junior pupils of the week and most improved children made salted caramel chocolate brownies! Yummy! Well done to them all and keep up the great work!

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Junior Pupils of the Week and Most Improved!


Baking Fun!

The junior pupils of the week and most improved children had great fun making chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Well done to them all!


Our Trip to the Botanics ‘Sculpture in Context’

Last year Miss baileys class and their parents went on a trip to the Botanical gardens.We saw some amazing and inspiring works of art! We went again this year and photos are on their way

Future Architects

These second class boys have been building some really impressive¬†constructions in Ms. Duffy’s room. Well done boys!

IMG_1461 IMG_1445

Science Club Gets Loopy!

For the last few weeks the Rutland Street engineers have been designing, building and modifying roller coasters!


“We all learnt about force!! The marble needs speed to complete the loop successfully… and the best way to build up this force??? Gain some height!!”


Check out our inventions on the second floor!!!


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