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Big and Little Readers

The boys and girls in 4th class have been working extremely hard writing narrative stories. As a special treat, we read our stories to Ms. McKelvey’s Senior Infants. The boys and girls really enjoyed sharing their hard work. Some of the boys and girls in Senior Infants even showed some of their reading to their new friends in 4th class!
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4th Class Projects

The boys and girls in 4th class have had a busy start to the year.  We learned about Dublin long ago, noting the similarities and differences to Dublin today. We worked in groups to create excellent projects all about Dublin. We also explored how the breathing system works and made our own set of lungs! Have a look at some of our hard work.


International Women’s Day

What an incredible event Miss Baileys Class held today for International Womens Day. All the children researched and wrote about different famous women in history. The children also created dinner plates and re created the famous ‘Dinner Party installation art work by feminist artist Judy Chicago. The parents were invited to attend and the children spoke and answered questions about their famous  women. What a celebration!

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Making parachutes

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Ms Harte Hayes did some amazing science lessons with us. We learned all about forces and how they affect us. We saw how astronauts use parachutes to land safely on earth.

Then we worked in teams to create the best parachute for a toy teddy using various materials.
We tested our creations by standing on the table and letting them float to the ground. The best parachute floated the slowest to the ground so out teddies had a soft landing.

Fourth Class Girl Qualifies for CTYI


Congratulations Brooke

Congratulations to Brooke in 4th Class who has qualified for DCU’s CTYI (Centre for Talented Youth) programme! This is a huge achievement for a ten year old! Most people don’t go to university and take courses until they’re nearly 20! We are all so proud of Brooke! Competition is fierce but Brooke kept her focus through the grueling 2 hour exam!

At CTYI  the courses are in topics not usually covered in the primary curriculum e.g. Astronomy, App making, Chemistry, Codes and Ciphers, Experimental Physics, Chinese, Strategy and Games, Novel and Play Writing, Forensic Science, The World of Harry Potter, Art Design. We can’t wait for her to report back to us all here in fourth!!!

Brooke is the first person in 4th to be accepted onto the programme, just like Katherine Gobels was the first to send a man into space using maths!

Hidden Figures, IMBD 2016

Seachtaine na Gailege

Bhí gach duine sa scoil ag caint as Gaeilge le deanaí. Chomh maith le sin, bhíomar ag canadh, ag damhsa agus ag léamh as Gaeilge freisin!

4th Class enjoying learning some Irish dancing in celebration of both Seachtain na Gaeilge and St Patrick’s Day. On Thursday we had a Céilí beag with Senior Infants!



An tseachtain seo thosaigh muid ag foghlaim an damhsa Gaelach ‘Tonaí Thoraí’ táimid ag baint sult mhór as.


Bhí céilí beag idir muid agus naíonáin shinsearacha. Caith gach duine rudaí glas ar an lae


In the afternoon we had a tráth na gceist! Congratulations to the winning team: Temuulen, Frankie, Alicia & Makela.


Ms Duffy’s “rang Gailege”  came into to test us on our Irish knowledge and to find  our Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine! Congratulations Sabrina!!


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