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Assembly News – Week Beginning 04/04/16

Class Pupil Of The Week Most Improved
Junior Infants Evan May
Senior Infants Martin Isabelle
1st Class Ricky


2nd Class Leah


3rd Class Alicia H Anand
4th Class Calum Abbie
5th Class Alex Lennon


6th Class    

Assembly News – Week Beginning 07/03/16


Class Pupil Of The Week Most Improved
Junior Infants Sha Sha Mia
Senior Infants Eva Toni B
1st Class Joy


2nd Class Ben Cooper
3rd Class Makeala Alisha S
4th Class Calum


5th Class Shannon Craig
6th Class Codie


Winners of Marbles in the Jar for this week are 2nd, 3rd  & 5th  Class with 13marbles!!

There were 87 students in the school with Full Stamps this week and 44 Senior Students with Full Credits. Well Done!!



Ice Cream Party For Full Attenders!!

Congratulations to all who had full attendance. Keep it up!!

Miss Barron.



Magnificent African Art!!

Well done to 5th class who have created this beautiful display in the corridor! Wow! Fabulous artists!


Rutland NS GAA!

Wahoo!! Rutland NS played superbly today and won  (by a not-so-tight margin!!!) against Dublin 7 Educate Together school. We were so happy to win as the last few games didn’t go our way. Hard luck to the other team. It was nice to see the sportsmanship at the end when the two teams shook hands and wished each other well. Here are some photos of the action…….


5th Class Art

5th class created cool pop art images….they will be adding text to them next week… this space!



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