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Hugh Lane Art Gallery

Before the Easter break, 6th class paid the Hugh Lane Gallery a visit.
The class took time to examine the artwork and made fantastic sketches of their favourite pieces to discuss. There were lots of interesting conversations about art.

We also studied the beautiful stained glass window artwork to replicate during our own art lesson. The children took inspiration from the work of Harry Clake and added their own ideas to their work.

The children have also been learning about Irish history and the class found lots of paintings depicting famous figures such as Micheal Collins.

It was a fantastic trip with our creative 6th class students!


Butterfly Fly Away

Ms. Bermingham’s Junior Infants have been learning all about caterpillars for the past few weeks. We even had some caterpillars join our class! Today, we were finally able to release our butterflies in our wonderful school garden. It was lovely to have 6th class join us as we let our beautiful butterflies go. We told them to say a special hello to Ollie for us.

Junior Infants 2021_22 - Google Drive - Google Chrome 17_06_2022 21_23_16

Merry Christmas from 6th Class

6th class are getting excited for Christmas!

We hope you all enjoy our poem ‘A Christmas night in Dublin’ and our performance of ‘ I wish it could be Christmas everyday’.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Ms McFadden, Nadine and all the boys and girls in 6th class.

Click here to watch our Christmas performance.

Busy at Boxing!

Sixth Class had a great time boxing yesterday, we didn’t stop moving for the full 40 minutes! Watch out Mayweather!!

IMG_1221 IMG_1219 IMG_1217 IMG_1216

Ag Obair Go Dian!

Is breá leis na páistí seo a gcuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú ar Duolingo!

IMG_0215 (1) IMG_0216 (1) IMG_0217 (1)

Sixth Class Skeletons!

Happy Halloween from all of us in Sixth Class!!!


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