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Ag Obair Go Dian!

Is breá leis na páistí seo a gcuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú ar Duolingo!

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Sixth Class Skeletons!

Happy Halloween from all of us in Sixth Class!!!


Throwback Thursday

Some of the 6th class were looking at a photo of their class at Halloween 2 years ago. They can’t wait to get dressed up again tomorrow!


‘Suits’ in Sixth Class

Sixth Class had great fun in P.E. this week playing ‘Suits’. We had to try get as many of our card suit as possible but we could only turn one at a time. We had to run back to our group and arrange our cards in order and get a full suit to win. We were non-stop moving between running for the cards and arranging them in order. It was a race to the finish line for our final three!!

Suits1 Suits2 Suits3 Suits4

Creative masks 6th class & Parents

Assembly News – Week Beginning 11/04/16


Class Pupil Of The Week Most Improved
Junior Infants Jonathan Layla
Senior Infants Eva Kacper
1st Class Tymon Narcis
2nd Class Ermun Sean
3rd Class Temuulen


4th Class Katelyn


5th Class Shannon


6th Class Quessia



Winners of Marbles in the Jar for this week are 4th Class with 15marbles!!

There were 84 students in the school with Full Stamps this week and 27 Senior Students with Full Credits.

Well Done!!



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