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Junior Pupils of the Week and Most Improved!


Halloween Costumes

The boys and girls loved dressing up today! They all looked fantastic! IMG_0222 IMG_0226 IMG_0227  IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0231

Baking Fun!

The junior pupils of the week and most improved children had great fun making chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Well done to them all!


Evan the Elf!

Evan the Elf was busy at work when boys and girls were gone home!

img_8218 img_8214

Garda station in Rutland National School!

The children have been learning all about keeping safe! They made WANTED posters, Identity posters and took part in a disguising activity!

img_8129 img_8127 img_8118 img_8117 img_8116 img_8114-copy-copy img_8113-copy-copy img_8112-copy-copy img_8111-copy-copy img_8109-copy img_8108-copy-copy img_8107-copy-copy img_8106 img_8104 img_8103

Symbols and signs in our environment!

img_8196 img_8197 img_8198 img_8191 img_8189 img_8187 img_8179 img_8171 img_8170 img_8169 img_8168 img_8146 img_8145 img_8144

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