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Junior Infant Aistear

We have been playing with water in our own pond and are learning about the life cycle of the frog.

We have a Travel Agents in our classroom where we are booking and researching holidays, making lists for holidays and exchanging money.

We are building Sydney Harbour Bridge this week and will be building other famous landmarks and buildings in the coming weeks. pond life
travel agentsCIMG1247

Junior Cooking

This week’s junior pupils of the week and most improved children made salted caramel chocolate brownies! Yummy! Well done to them all and keep up the great work!

IMG_0639IMG_0638IMG_0643IMG_0636IMG_0634IMG_0632 (1)

Junior Pupils of the Week and Most Improved!


Halloween Costumes

The boys and girls loved dressing up today! They all looked fantastic! IMG_0222 IMG_0226 IMG_0227  IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0231

Baking Fun!

The junior pupils of the week and most improved children had great fun making chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Well done to them all!


Evan the Elf!

Evan the Elf was busy at work when boys and girls were gone home!

img_8218 img_8214

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