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3rd Class Celebrated World Kindness Day

Ms McFadden’s class celebrated World Kindness Day. They have thought about ways they can show kindness in school, at home and in their communities.


Aistear in Junior Infants 👣

The Aistear programme has been in full swing in Junior Infants. We have been very busy, learning lots and working hard. We have worked through the theme of autumn, the apple shop and Halloween. 🍏 We were very busy in the Doctors surgery and the Baby clinic. We even built a new hospital for Ted!🐻 We have been using lots of new language and exploring fun ideas. 🌈🌼⭐



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Viking Projects

4th Class have been working really hard since returning after the Halloween midterm. We have learnt lots about Vikings and completed projects about Viking life in our pods. We even learnt how to write our names using the Viking alphabet.Have a look and see if you can recognize any of the fierce Vikings in their longships getting ready to invade Ireland!

We have also been learning about Norway and about the Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as the Northern Lights). Check out our amazing art work below!

Our Numeracy Week

Thank you to all the parents & teachers for taking part in our numeracy week. it was a lot different from our previous years as we couldn’t have all our parents in but we had lots of fun in class and at home learning all about direction and positions.


Numeracy Week In Junior & Senior Infants

 This week we have been learning all about positions and directions. We got some amazing new resources and Junior infants loved playing with all the games.

We also have to search every day for Emma’s cheeky cat and mischievous teddy.

The cat was hiding under the giraffe and the teddy was hanging over the corridor!

IMG-20201111-WA0007 IMG-20201111-WA0008 IMG-20201111-WA0001 IMG-20201111-WA0005 IMG-20201111-WA0002

Senior Infants

Senior Infants have settled so well into their new class. Here is a little video showing some of their new routines and what they get up to each day.

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