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Kaitriona O’Sullivan

Kaitriona O’Sullivan came to Rutland NS last week to share her experiences with the staff.  We were joined by staff from other local schools for a wonderful afternoon listening to Kaitriona share her story and remind us all of the impact education can have on children.  Thanks for sharing your story with us Kaitriona!IMG_8455

World Down Syndrome Day

IMG_6095 IMG_6141 IMG_6144We had a colourful day in Rutland NS last week when we all wore our odd socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

We raised over €200 for Down Syndrome Ireland and are really grateful to everyone for their support.

Thank you

A Christmas Wish!

Christmas Wish

We had a very special evening on Thursday when we held our first ever night time Christmas performance!

The church was filled with family and friends to support our amazing pupils.

They put on some amazing performances to fill our hearts with Christmas cheer.

The evening raised over €4,000 for the school.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to support. It was a very special evening in the history of Rutland National School.

1916 Rising

6th Class have had a great start to the year and have been working really hard. At the moment, we are learning all about how Ireland gained its independence. We made a short video all about the 1916 Rising. Click on the link to check it out!

The 1916 Rising

2nd Class News!

2nd Class were very lucky to take part in Drama with Darren. We also went on our class trip last week to the Viking Splash tour, Stephen’s Green playground and McDonald’s! The biggest part of this year was our First Holy Communion – we had the best day!IMG-3465 IMG-3075 (1)IMG-3328 IMG-3136 IMG-3031

End of Year Arts Show

5th Singing 4th Drama Group Hall Bow Ms DuffyWell done to all of our very talent students who all took part in our end of year Arts Show today.

It was a morning filled with wonderful music and very talented actors and actresses!

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