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4th Class Volcanoes

IMG_1767 IMG_1768 IMG_1766 IMG_1765 IMG_1764 IMG_1763 IMG_17604th Class were learning about igneous rocks so decided to have a look at how igneous rocks are formed!

First we made our own mountain using flour, water and salt. Then we made our mountains turn into volcanoes by creating an explosion!

We used baking soda, washing liquid and vinegar to create our eruption.

We watched the lava explode down the volcano and this lava will harden to form igneous rocks. It was great fun.

Journal Writing

The boys and girls at Doodle Den started their journals last Thursday. Before they began they brainstormed topics and learned how to write the date. Here they are getting started!


IMG_0585 IMG_0593 IMG_0586 IMG_0588 IMG_0591 IMG_0589 IMG_0587 IMG_0590

‘Owl Babies’ at Doodle Den

The boys and girls in Doodle Den loved listening to the ‘Owl Babies’ story and making owls.

IMG_0512 IMG_0513

5th Class visit the LAB Art Gallery

On Thursday the 9th of November, 5th class got the chance to visit the LAB art gallery close to our school.

Katy showed us around some of the art work and we all did a great job of sharing our opinions and thoughts on the wonderful work on show.

Ag Obair Go Dian!

Is breá leis na páistí seo a gcuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú ar Duolingo!

IMG_0215 (1) IMG_0216 (1) IMG_0217 (1)

Junior Pupils of the Week and Most Improved!


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