LEGO with Your Kid!

Our lego Challenge !!

Hello all you creative geniuses from junior Infants  I really miss our Tuesday lego with your kid sessions and I hope you are all doing well. If you are feeling creative and would like a wee challenge I am putting up a 30 day Lego challenge.  Send me an image of your creations to and I will put it on the website for all to see .


Once again we are so excited to be starting our ‘lego with your kid ‘workshops every Monday 1.25-2.15pm for Junior and senior infants

We have such a creative bunch of children who are so inventive

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Walk On Wednesday (WOW) Parents group! 

Every Wednesday 9.30am we meet in school reception. We began with our annual trip to the fabulous ‘sculpture in context’ in the Botanic Gardens.

This week we went on a walking tour of the North East inner city, learning about the glorious affluent Georgian days of 1800s and then the hard times of ‘nighttown’ and the Monto and the tenements  of late 1890s to the 1920s.

We went to see terry Fagan in the North East Inner city Folklore museum. Terry is an amazing story teller and we heard the  stories of the Magdelene laundry and the industrial schools. Its been a long and difficult history but full of amazing stories and incredibly brave and heroic people. The inner city’s history is rich and intriguing.



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Walk On Wednesday Parents Group 

Our first WOW Group was a great success and such a gorgeous day for It! We visited the Botanic Gardens ‘Sculpture in context’ We got to meet new people, chat and share experiences . Everyone is welcome we meet at School Reception at 9.20am every Wednesday next week we are going to visit the Iveagh Gardens

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