Our parents Association is an important part of the school fabric. The meetings are open to any parent and generally happening every 3 to 4 weeks in the parents room. It  has been busy over the last year organising the Whole school sports day, Christmas dinner for all the children, Bunanza fundraiser along with being involved in policy consultation.

Rutland National school is moving towards becoming a Restorative school and the parent body are very much in favour of this way of working. So we asked Emma Wheatley from NCI to facilitate an 8 week restorative parenting course. The feed back from all parents who took part was very positive. As a direct result of her involvement one our Parents facilitated the same course for City Quay parents with Emma Wheatley.

A number of our parents also actively attend YPAR ( Young People at Risk) 5 to 12 working group which is a working group of agencies in the community who work together collaboratively to improve services and meet the needs of the children in Dublin 1 Area.

The parents association was also consulted about the Substance use policy in the school and  the Anti bullying policy.

Last week we organised a ‘Voice of a Parent’ to try and encourage our parents to come and talk together about the positive aspects of their community and what they would like to change. The attendance at the workshop was good and the parents in attendance were vocal and and motivated. The findings of this workshop will be fed back to the main YPAR group

All parents are notified of the parents association by text a week before hand and by notices displayed on boards down stairs and on the main parents board.


Monday 3rd of Dec : Local Education Commitee Rutland Primary Parents Room

Friday 7th of Dec : Parents Association 8.45-9.45am

Organising Christmas dinner

Planning Dates- Mental health awareness training

Anti bullying training


If you would like any further information please contact me Emma 0873468075

Chairperson of the Parents Association Karen Hudson

Secretary Danielle Mulgrew







In September 2016, our new Parents Association was born. We meet every second Friday in the Parents’ room at 8.45am, feel free to drop in for a cuppa to find out what’s happening in the school!