Leave Without Permission Policy

Policy; if child attempts to leave the classroom/school without permission;

  1. Stay calm.  Reason with the child.  Contact – phone principal/deputy, teacher or SNA in close proximity.
  2. If you are on your own with your class stay with them or get second teacher to remain with them.  The primary responsibility of the school is towards the class.
  3. Reason with pupil, ask them how we can support them to make the correct choice/return and we will discuss the situation and try supporting them to resolve it.  Offer to phone parents to let them discuss it with them.
  4. If they still insist on going staff will keep trying to contact parents.  Allow the child to speak to parent/guardian if phone contact can be made with them.  Stand at exit door.  If child leaves the building two staff follows if available.  Continue to try contact parents.
  5. The two staff will walk if possible and try to keep the child calm by speaking to them.
  6. If parents or guardians cannot be contacted the other emergency number given by parents can be phoned.
  7. If staff cannot contact the parents and cannot locate the child or are concerned for the child’s safety, the HSE or/and gardai will have to be contacted.
  8. When the child comes back to school a detailed investigation will be carried out.  The school Code of Behaviour will be adhered to.  A support plan will be put in place and reviewed within required timeframes.
  9. Written records of the incident will be kept.
  10. Once a child voluntarily leaves the school, the school is no longer responsible for the child.