This year has been very different experience for us all in Rutland National School. We have missed the parents coming in and joining us for activities like  Kids Talk,  Maths for Fun and lego with your kid to name just a few! But we are amazed at all the amazing work that has been going on at home throughout the year and so thankful for all the parents and guardians for participating in home in activities like numeracy week and ZOOM AHEAD WITH BOOKS!

Zoom Ahead is coming to an end after 3 weeks of fantastic creative work by kids and their book buddies. Thank you so much for your fabulous work!

All the children in JI and SI will receive their final drawing sheet this Friday so….

Choose a book 

Read the book

Draw a picture ( one side for child & other side for Book buddy) 

Bring it back in and we will get it ready for the Exhibition 

Exhibition in June in the Park !


zoom ahead video