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Senior Infants were all smiles on their first day back to school!

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We have joined Instagram so the children can see videos of the staff saying hello! Join us on rutland_national_school 

Our Wonderful kids

To all our wonderful kids

Hope you are all getting on well and helping to mind each other at home.

Its every strange time at the moment and you might have some worries but the most important thing you can do at the moment is stay calm, stay positive and keep your mind and body healthy. Remember to do activities that make your mind and body feel all those lovely positive emotions like happiness, pride, love,kindness, friendship , excitement and achievement ( for example exercise, reading a book, drawing and creating, playing games, helping out at home and having a chat with someone you care about.

It’s so important to take care of yourself and your family at this time. You are all such wonderful kids and you make Rutland such a fabulous school I can only imagine how helpful and kind you are all being at home .

We are thinking of you all and your families


If anyone has any stories or creations they would like to share with the rest of the school community please email .


Useful websites 

Creative websites 

Story writing/ creating : A brilliant website to help you start telling or writing  a story

Stop motion animation: simple free and easy to use app Flip-a-clip. Use you tube to learn how to do simple animations

Stop motion explanation & tutorial

Lego creation :

This website has lots of games as well as  hundreds of simple instructions for lego creations or use lego to create simple stop motion animations

Twinkl:  free use of resources for 1 month .


ebooks library

Book creator https//

Staying active

Yoga: YouTube 5 minute yoga flow for kids

Mindfulness meditation for kids:


PS Dont forget its  Mothers Day coming up this Sunday be inspired write poem, draw a picture make a card for your special person .


3rd Class Blog

**Attention 3rd Class**

I hope that everyone is keeping well! I’ve attached a link for the 3rd class blog, where I will be putting up work for you over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about the work assigned, please contact me using the email on the blog. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

3rd Class Blog (Click Here)

Story of St. Patrick

The story of St. Patrick as told by the children of Rutland Street National School in the 1960’s. It never fails to give us a laugh!

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Hope all the Rutland N.S. pupils are having a lovely St Patrick’s Day.
Here are some sites that the children may be familiar with from school and will help keep them learning at home.

For movement, P.E., dance, mindfulness

For drawing and art activities

For maths

For Stories

For Gaeilge

For science

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